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Phenomenon 2016 powered by BaazKart!

Phenomenon 2016 powered by BaazKart!

BaazKart, the Indian online emporium, is proud to present ‘Phenomenon 2016’, organized at St. Josephs Boys’ High School, days before the Children’s Day. This year, an International DJ Thomas Newson and well known DJ Shaan will be enticing the 50,000 packed audience expected at the event.


“This November shall be a fiesta full of surprises powered by our title sponsor BaazKart. Phenomenon is a carnival-cum-cultural and literary fest, which has in recent years has grown into a recognition of its own. This year, our fest will continue to offer students the opportunity to harness their potential with myriad events which include - Jam, Battle of the Bands, Air Crash, Personality, Freestyle Dance, Debate, Crisis Management, Mad Ads, Disc Battle, Fashion Show and plenty more. With sporting events such as 3-a-side football and 3 -a-side Basketball to boot, we aim to encompass all the events that students would excel in says Fr.Clifford Sequeira, Principal at St. Joseph’s Boys High School.                                      


“We at Baazkart primarily aim to give back to our society, where we have an opportunity to do something for them children, the very future of our country. Spreading the values of our age old traditions amongst these little children, where we can take the tradition of our historical heritage to the very doorsteps of these young ones. In turn, work towards the greater good of everybody,” says Rajbir Bhamra, CEO of


Setting up stalls for fun, frolic, and entertainment, organising exciting games, and giving away mind-blowing surprises, disguised as discount coupons and gift vouchers. There will be products  on display throughout the day, with a catalog of these products along with their traditional importance. This fashion show shall be one of the major attractions for ‘Phenomenon’, sponsored by BaazKart.


Organising stimulating contests, no man or woman could refrain from. Baazkart wants to indulge and entertain every single individual walking through them gates of St. Joseph’s Boys School, on the auspicious dates of 11th and 12th November 2016.

  • Tarun Krishna

School Children Celebrate a Green Diwali of Togetherness!

BaazKart, the online emporium featuring authentic Indian products, is celebrating the festive season by spreading awareness on the communal spirit of togetherness this Diwali. Schools over Bengaluru have been invited to participate in a Drawing competition featuring a ‘Green Diwali’ which will highlight the essence of togetherness during this festive season.


A Green Diwali celebrated together with family and friends certainly shows how the use of crackers and other resources can be minimized curbing pollution and wastage – be it food or even just the bursting of crackers. These initiatives are a precursor to building a responsible future; wherein we educate our students, making them accountable for their own actions.


Hosting a series of community centric activities, with the objective to engage the audiences in the true spirit of the festive season, BaazKart is gearing up children of all ages to connect with all communities and cultures through a drawing competition where all participants will be handed out sweet surprises from Baazkart.


“Creativity of all types should be encouraged. There should be no boundaries. The initiative of a drawing competition sets aside all barriers and ensures we connect and celebrate in a spirit of togetherness with our community.


 “This is a brilliant initiative which focuses on educating our students on what the true essence of what Diwali is all about. We at Sacred Hearts Girls High School are eagerly looking forward to such initiatives which promote our values and creativity at the same time, in turn helping our children grow as individuals and become responsible adults in the near future.” Comments Sr.Lavina, Principal, Sacred Hearts Girls High School, Bengaluru.


Empowered women are key to transforming society. At BaazKart, all products are specially crafted from needy women in remote areas of India. Our aim is to empower these women who depend on companies such as ours as a source of income to take care of their families. Our company is committed to creating a sustainable future for all.


Comments Rajbir Bhamra, CEO of BaazKart, “The onus is on responsible Organisations such as ours to help educate the young minds of our society, about what is the real essence behind Diwali and what it means to celebrate this festival of lights spreading happiness among families. May this Diwali be as bright as ever, illuminating the lives of millions, celebrated with a collective spirit of togetherness. And that for us is the true spirit of this festive season”


Celebrate a creative Diwali, by filling your homes with vibrant lights and auspicious prayers. With an intent to spread awareness about an eco friendly Diwali, in league with ideas such as Green Diwali Diwali, join hands with BaazKart this festive season, where the entire community is invited to view and avail discount vouchers and festive offers. For more information, visit



  • Tarun Krishna

Traffic Police share the true spirit of Togetherness this Diwali

This Diwali will not just be any other festival of lights, but it will also be an occasion celebrating togetherness. Promoting the communal feeling of love and harmony of the festive season, this Diwali will be special to over 100 traffic police wardens across the city who spare no effort to protect and ensure a smooth flow of travel to the daily commuters all over Bengaluru.


It is really heart warming to receive a bag full of surprises and a group of youngsters sharing words of gratitude, appreciating our efforts. For us, Diwali has always been a family affair. However, this year, being recognized by our very own community makes a world of a difference” says a cop posted near Brigade Tower, Bangalore.


It is a very heartwarming when commuters stop by and thank us for our efforts. It makes our day really special when we are reminded and appreciated of the value we are adding to our community. Our job is to establish a smooth flow of traffic, ensuring the safety of all commuters. An environment where men, women, and children, can commute smoothly and get to their destination safe and sound, enthusiastically comments another cop posted at the Richmond Road junction.


BaazKart, the Indian Online Emporium of Ethnic and Traditional products is committed to bringing our communities closer together this Diwali – by sharing in the spirit of togetherness. Togetherness with family, friends, relatives as well as our community.


 “By distributing a basket full of happiness, loaded with gifts and essential items, we at BaazKart want to spread peace and harmony amongst our society. Giving back gratitude to our own traffic police cops who tirelessly guide us night and day, should be our moral responsibility.” comments Rajbir Bhamra, CEO of BaazKart.


This Diwali BaazKart is spreading happiness in a basket by distributing sweets and gifts packaged with love and affection.  This is the perfect occasion to bring in happiness, and here is our chance to go it together!



  • Tarun Krishna
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