About Us

Baazkart, the online Indian Emporium,
A one-stop solution to all your ethnic inquisitions,
Making your life easy, by giving you an option,
Of whether to give up on your expectations,
Or relive them moments from your 
most memorable experiences.

Whether you’re a person who’s missing his home,
Or an NRI who’s never been to his native city
Anytime you’ve been on a journey and wished that 
Had you bought more of them local wonders?
Now you can, with the click of just one button.

Baazkart is committed to supporting those artists,
Who find it almost impossible to voice their opinions, 
In this fast moving world full of cut throat competition.
Affecting the very depths of economic development.
Baazkart wants to foster financial growth amongst communities;
Henceforward breath life into endless possibilities.

Helping an enterprise of artisans:
Creating quality full of beauty, 
Enhancing culture with impact.
Preserving them ancient techniques,
The very history of our society. 

Started up as a dream full of passion perspiring ambition,
Baazkart is a destination for all kinds of customers,
Specialising in authentic and ethnic Indian products, 
Facilitating an online buying and selling experience

This website is what you need,
to feel the very essence of
what has been passed down 
from generation to generation, 
in the face of historic tradition, 
reverberating across continents. 

Ranging from apparels to accessories
handicrafts to home made non-perishable food items
to absolutely anything and everything one
can relate with Indian culture and tradition, we have them all

Baazkart is an online emporium initiated to reduce 
the hassle of surveying a busy marketplace, 
subtracting the noise of all that bargaining:
We want to bring the world closer
by helping you buy something,
which wasn’t available to you earlier.

We function as middlemen between 
you and our suppliers all over India
All you need to do is select the product 
that you would love to see in your closet, 
and we take care of the rest

This is our dream, and we thank you for being a part of it. 

- Team Baazkart