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Return Policy

Return Policy:

  1. Received Damaged Product : A product is not in the state in which it should’ve been delivered i.e. the product is broken/worn out/has missing parts/is in a different state than it was supposed to be.The customer needs to Click a picture of the item and send it to Baazkart, we shall enquire the reason for the defect and shall replace/refund accordingly
  2. Wrong Item Delivered: The item delivered is different from the Order placed. The item could be completely different or some of its parts could be different according to the Product Description provided on the website. The customer needs to Click a picture of the item and send it to Baazkart, we shall connect with the seller to enquire the reason for the mismatch and shall replace/refund the customer accordingly
  3. Incorrect Size Delivered: A size different from the size which was ordered/mentioned in the description. Eg: A customer orders a size UK7 and is delivered a size UK8 would be eligible for replacement & the additional cost shall be borne by the seller. In case a customer orders a size UK7 and is delivered a size UK7 but the customer feels that it is not the correct size then the seller shall not be liable for the replacement cost. However,Baazkart shall do the replacement to the required size provided the customer is ready to pay the additional logistic cost borne.
  4. Item Different from Expected: If the customer feels that the item they ordered if different from they expected it to be then they shall raise a concern stating the difference. The difference shall be stated according to the product description provided on the website and if at all the actual product received has variations then Return/Refund request shall be triggered. Eg: The product description states the fabric to be Silk but the fabric is Cotton, the description says product to be Brass but actual product is of Steel/Iron etc.

*If you have any other complaint or problem apart from the above mentioned points please feel free to communicate with us by writing a mail at or you can also call us at 9108304007/08.


  1. Return should be filed on the same day of the delivery of product.
  2. Once a customer files return, customer shall get a reply from Baazkart within 24 hours. In this 24 hrs Baazkart would connect with the seller and inquire about the issue.
  3. Damaged/ defective items must be returned in the original condition they were received in with all the accompanying accessories and in the original manufacturer's box/packaging.
  4. Some products cannot be returned and are marked on the product detail page. Please check the same before placing the order.
  5. Refund process shall be initiated once a return request is approved and the item has been physically returned back from the customer. 
  6. There is no return and replacement in any food products
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