Seller Faq's

  1. What all documents are required for setting up my shop at baazkart?

To set up your shop on our portal, you need to have the following documents which are mandatory:

  1. A registered business of your own
  2. Vat ID       
  3.  Pan Card
  4. Bank Account

 2. How do I list my products and how do I start operating my account?

You need not worry about all these things. Once you register with us, we will send you an email at your registered email id where we will send you an attached copy of our seller manual.


For all your HOW TO? Questions , we have made a sellers manual which you can follow for successfully setting up your shop with us. 

3. What is a Seller Manual?

Baazkart Seller Manual is a step to step guide book created especially for all our sellers in order to help you learn sell smart on our portal. It will guide you step by step in your journey with us. From setting up your shop on our portal till you become a successful seller with us. We will guide you throughout this process.

4. Whom do I contact for any doubts or queries regarding any matter related to selling online?

We are always ready to help you. For any doubts or queries you can

write to us at

call us at +91 9108030407 /08 / 09 

We are available from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week

5. When and How do I receive payments?

You will receive payment for your sales once the buyer confirms the order and the status of the order is changed to order received. 

6.Do I have to pay to set up my shop at baazkart?

No, you do not have to pay for registering and setting up your shop with us.

Its absolutely free for our sellers to use our portal to reach out their customers. 

7.Does Baazkart help in setting up the store ?

Yes, we do help our sellers to set up their store and guide them step by step in their new journey with us.

8. What is the commission percentage?

Our Commission structure is 15% + Service tax on market place fee.

9. Do I need to invoice the customer?

Yes, invoicing to customer and any taxation related to either domestic or international sale should be done by you.  is a platform which provides selling related services and therefore charges service commission for the sale from you. All the other related taxes should be taken care of by the individual sellers.

10. How can I add multiple products at a time?

You can add many products through “Add CSV Product” button 

11.What is the Pricing Structure ?

For more information on Pricing Structure, Please contact our seller support team  sellersupport@baazkart.comor Call : +919108030407 or +919108030408