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Seller Terms & Conditions

  • Seller needs to make sure that different products have different images & the quality of images uploaded is good with white/plane background else the product shall not be approved.
  • Seller needs to ensure that the Product Title and description provided exactly matches with the actual product. Regarding the descriptions essential details such as the fabric of product, measurements (Clothing) , material/metal used(in case of Handicrafts), major ingredients & weight(in case of sweets), etc. The description should be a detailed one so as to remove all probable confusions from the mind of the customer.
  • Once an order has been received, the seller shall be notified through mails, seller portal & calls.
    • If the product is available then the pick shall be scheduled the same day/next day.
    • If the product is out of stock then the seller should immediately notify Baazkart & arrange the product within 48 hours. The delivery shall be scheduled accordingly.
    • If the seller is not able to arrange the product even after 48 hours, then they shall be charged a Customer Dissatisfaction Compensation which would be 2% of the Order Value.
  • In case of any of the 4 cases below - the seller shall be liable to replace the product to the customer & shall also bear the extra logistics cost. Extra logistics cost refers to the cost that would be incurred in taking back the product from customer’s place, exchange it at the sellers store & delivering back to the customer. So if the initial Logistics cost was INR 70 then during this whole process extra INR 70*2= INR 140 would be incurred which shall be borne by the seller.
    • Case 1: Customer Received Damaged Product : A product is not in the state in which it should’ve been delivered i.e. the product is broken/worn out/has missing parts/is in a different state than it was supposed to be.
    • Case 2: Wrong Item Delivered: The item delivered is different from the Order placed. The item could be completely different or some of its parts could be different according to the Product Description provided on the website.
    • Case 3: Incorrect Size Delivered: A size different from the size which was ordered/mentioned in the description. Eg: A customer orders a size UK7 and is delivered a size UK8
    • Case 4: Item Different from Expected: If the customer feels that the item they ordered if different from they expected .The difference shall be stated according to the product description provided on the website. Eg: The product description states the fabric to be Silk but the fabric is Cotton, the description says product to be Brass but actual product is of Steel/Iron etc.
  • The payment to seller shall be initiated once the item has been delivered successfully to the customer. The seller would receive the payment in their Bank Account within 5 working days once the payment process gets initiated. Every order shall be a different transaction and seller will receive different payments transactions for each order.
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