Product Description

These Copper serving ware are preferred because it is durable and it has excellent characteristics.

The ageless use of copper bears testimony to its myriad virtues and everlasting appeal.
Its therapeutic value has been handed down to us through the ages.
In fact, food served in copper ware is virtually the elixir of life.
It helps to regulate digestion and cardiac orders, the basis of good health,as practiced by Ayurveda and Rishits from old Vedic times.
Copper Mughlai Rice Server, Available in Three Sizes,

Size 1:

Weight: 360 gm,
Capacity: 380 ml  

Size  2:

Weight: 390 gm,  
Capacity: 430 ml

Size  3:

Weight: 470 gm.  
Capacity: 680 ml

                                  Rs. 888.00

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